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Reasoning Section in SSC CGL is the most easiest and scoring section, only if you know the correct approach and tricks to solve the questions in less time. As SSC requires accuracy and speed in solving questions.

This Hack is very important for all the Coding-Decoding questions and Puzzle questions asked in SSC. These type of questions are pet favourite questions which are asked in SSC, and to solve these questions you must remember the Alphabets and there numbers to solve them quickly.

With the help of the below image you can easily learn the Alphabet and there respective positions at your finger tips.


Now, looking at the above picture and the given context-clues(mnemonics) you can easily remember the alphabets and there positions.

Now, You always need remember this Girl named JOTY, who is Extraordinary. So, we call her EJOTY. Always remember EJOTY. EJOTY contains alphabets at multiple of five in alphabet series as you can observe.

Also, you need to remember these points:

  • A pair of alphabets are said to be opposite if the sum of positions is 27.
  • A-Z : AzaD
  • B-Y : BoY
  • C-X : CraX
  • D-W : DeW
  • E-V : EnVy
  • F-U : FuN
  • G-T : GoT
  • H-S : Honey Singh
  • I-R : Infra-Red
  • J-Q : Jack-Queen
  • K-P : P.K or Kohinoor Park
  • L-O : LogOut
  • M-N : MaN

After going through this trick to learn the Aphabets and there corresponding positions you will notice that your speed in solving the reasoning questions related to Coding-Decoding and Puzzles will enhance tremendously.
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