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You’ll be happy to know that Team SSCHacks has handpicked the most important and frequently asked questions from Sentence Error correction under SSC CGL 2107 in this post. So, you just need to go through the kind of errors that are mentioned below and keep the hacks in mind that follow while attempting the Error correction and Cloze test questions.

1.You can get all the information that you want in this book.

Here you do not require “that”, as it is already understood that the information is in the book. This is known as Superfluous Error.

2.I went there with a view to survey the entire procedure.

In these kind of sentences, wherever “with a view to” is used, then always you will use “Verb+ING”. So, here instead of survey, surveying will be used.

3.Computers give us an easier access to information.

Here, computers are not compared to anything. Remeber comparitive, superlative degrees. Easy, easier and easiest. So, since we are not comparing computers with anything so First form of degree i.e “easy” will be used. If comparison between two is there then easier and if three or more than three then easiest will be used.

4.One of the members expressed doubt if the Minister was an atheist.


  1. “If ” is used when there is some condition.
  2. “Whether” is used when there is a choice. So, “whether” will be used in place of “if”.

5.The police of Delhi is so lazy that it cannot solve a case in 20 years.

Police is always a plural noun. So instead of “is”, “are” will be used.

6.One should be honest to his word in all situations.

Here, istead of “His”, “one’s” should be used. We do not know that the one we are referring to is him or her.

7.Daniel was one of the greatest judges that has ever lived.

judges= Plural, That= Singular. Subject Verb Agreement error. Always remember that verb will always be used according to the subject, So here, we will use “those have”.

8.The building comprises of many air-conditioned rooms.

You should use either “comprises” or “comprised of”. Never use ‘Comprises of’ together. So in the sentence above it should be;                                                                                                                The building comprises many air-conditioned rooms.

9.The Bible says that we should love each other.

Here, “one another” should be used. ‘Each other’ is used only for two persons.

10.The short story should not exceed more than 200 words.

Here, “more than” is superfluous. Exceed contains the meaning of more than in itself, so remove “more than”.

We will be updating more hacks very soon. Stay tuned to SSCHacks.

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