Hi friends!

A BIG THANK YOU to all the eBook holders as you’ve made us crazy by your overwhelming response and amazing feedbacks.

Regarding this we came across an idea and we’ve come out with a review of the study material available on our website as per your feedback.This means that all your feedbacks have been compiled together to be presented as a review.Read because this is what you told us and how we felt.


There were 3-4 cases reported wherein the user was not able to purchase the eBooks swiftly but in the end the actual causes were slow internet issues or other connectivity issues and hence were resolved instantly.

We’re thankful that you contacted us. Feels good to know that people are aware these days!
And we apologise for any mistakes that we commit in future if we do commit them.


This was the hard part for us always because we handpicked the material ourselves and represented them to you in an interactive way.We were on the first big step towards our mission SSC CGL 2017 and we are happy that we made good choices.

“The English Hackbook SSC-CGL comprises of almost every topic of GRAMMAR covered under SSC 2017 explained beautifully through concepts and tricks that leave the readers mesmerised.”

“The simple examples and hacks in Mathematics Hackbook SSC – CGL (Complete Reference) have made Quant my SCORING section rather than the previous BORING section.” This one was actually one of our favourites!

For English, my confidene has grown and boredom has ended afer reading Vocab Trap with Hindi Root was the one specific feedback that amazed us.

A boy from Chennai contacted us regarding our eBooks and told us that we are actually selling the material worth more at a very less cost. Sir,we do not care. Our motive is to share knowledge related to SSC 2017 through a common platform and we are happy and contempt in what we have and aspire to do more.

Also,we received almost 200-250 CONGRATULATORY messages for the GOOD work we are doing. We feel honoured that you notice our efforts.

These are the best we’ve received yet.Will upload others when and as they come. Thank you again.

Since ,we’ve kept it simple and interactive(this is our assumption) there are not any complaints till now but we wait for any further feedbacks,suggestions and improvements from you.

IF YOU STILL DO NOT HAVE A COPY you can click on the links below to get yours :

  • Mathematics Hackbook SSC – CGL (Complete Reference)


  • English Hackbook SSC-CGL 2017


  • Vocab Trap with Hindi Roots 


Thank you everyone for the lovely response.We are happy that we were able to deliver the right bit of knowledge to your computers,phones and kindles in the right manner.

We would love your engagement with our website and your constant help and feedbacks in future to improve.
Keep showering us with negative as well as positive critiques because we believe that it is  always a two way process whenever knowledge is shared.

We are doing our part and need you to function as well.

We are waiting for more of you to connect and grow!

Keep Studying.Beleive in Yourself.Mission SSC.

All the best!

– Team SSCHacks