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Are you worried about the General Awareness section of the Staff Selection Commission too?
Or are the English and Mathematics sections not leaving you with enough time to study for the General Awareness section?
Whatever maybe the case, DO NOT WORRY as we have the exact answer for you !!

As per the analysis, the new pattern introduced in 2016 has proven to be helpful for the SSC CGL 2017 aspirants due to a decrease in the number of questions and increase in time per question. This implies that instead of  going for all the topics simultaneously for the General Awareness section, one should go for selective studies as this section is the most unpredictable section with the most definite questions and answers.

Hope you’ve understood what’s in store now and are ready to understand the steps required to excel in the General Awareness section of the Combined Graduate Level examination:

  • NEVER  attempt the questions which you’re unsure of. Attempt ONLY  if you know the correct answer of the respective question.
  • Focus on the science portion more, specially the physics and chemistry sections as the questions asked are generally below the intermediate level. Learn the formulas of physics and chemistry as a lot of questions are based on the application of these formulas. Biological concepts are mostly the straighter ones with the easiest answers.
  • Important topics in Physics constitute topics like Work, energy and power, Gravitation and satellite, Radioactivity, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, Mirror and their types and uses, Electricity and magnetism and the Measurement units and some other conversion factors.
  • Important topics in chemistry include Matter, Renewable and non-renewable sources, Ores of Some Important Metals, Isotopes and Isobars, Acids, Bases and Salts, Atom, Molecule and Element and Some important fuels and their compositions.
  • Important topics in Biology are Diseases and their causes, Human Respiratory System, Plant tissues and hormones, Human Digestive System, Cell Division and Bio-molecules and Classification of various Living organisms.
  • After Science, we move on to the all important Economics section, the questions in which are mostly based on concepts, and are asked either as direct conceptual questions or graph based questions.
  • Important topics in Economics under SSC are GDP/GNP/NNP/Inflation, Budget Process, World bank, Employment, Banking, RBI Policies, Agricultural subsidies, PDS, Food Security and the importance of central plans and social and poverty alleviation programs.
  • We move to History now and SSC covers only Indian History. Hence, while preparing for this section, the candidate’s focus should be on the Modern History and the cultural based questions.The candidates must also keep in mind that while reading, one should treat history as a story rather than trying to mug up as the human brain can retain only 50% of what it reads.
  • Important topics in History comprise of Important Wars, the Delhi Sultanate, the Mosques, tombs, gates, forts and their locations and creators, the Mughals and their policy work constructions, Acts and Reforms, Culture, Religion and even Travelers.
  • Geography is another important aspect to perform well in the GA section. As is the case with history, for geography too, SSC only asks questions that pertain to Indian Geography and nothing else from the world. The questions are mostly straight and easy to answer.
  • Important topics for the Geography section are Major Soils of India, Rivers, Lakes,  Waterfalls, Forest types and their distribution, Culture, Trade and Transport, CENSUS-2011, the Universe and Layers of the atmosphere.
  • The last of all the important ones but not the least, we provide you the Polity section which is the easiest of all as it mostly follows a logical pattern. One must study Polity using Comparative Reading and plan to read things in an order which may start from the President, the governor, the PM, the CM, the Parliament and then the State Legislature, the Supreme Court and then High court and so on.
  • Important topics covered under Polity are History of Constitution, Constitutional developments, Preamble, Borrowed features of Constitution and some important Articles and Fundamental Rights.
  • These sections together constitute around 70-80% of the General Awareness Section in SSC.
  • The leftover 20% is made up of questions from various backgrounds like Computers, Sports, Static GK and Current Affairs.

Always keep in mind that a candidate must attempt the General Awareness section after attempting other sections because one does not need extra time to solve these questions and most of them are solved under 30 seconds. Also, you can pass on the difficult questions easily at a single glance, because in this section either you know the correct answer or do not know it at all.

We hope that we were able to help you in a better understanding of the required strategy to overcome the hurdles you’re facing just now with this section.We also hope that you will definitely perform exceedingly well in the exam and not only in this section.

Believe in Yourself.

All the Best!

-Team SSCHacks

PS: Team SSCHacks recommends the following books to boost your preparation: