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The most hated topic of the most hated section in SSC CGL 2017 is here. We know Geometry questions do not let you sleep, always look lengthy and are the best confusing agents actually but after these few hacks I promise you guys Geometry would be a cake walk for you.

NOTE: Geometry thrives on the fact that the questions under this topic are the most tricky to understand and the concepts have only slight variations which makes it difficult to counter the question in one go.Hence,understand the question first and use the hacks that follow now to crack this section.

These hacks will be explained along with an example each.Its time to begin.

  • Although too easy for a starter too but SSC does surprise you with these subtle questions that make you think that there’s something wrong if its so easy.Just keep in mind everything’s easy its just how we see it.This will add a rhythm to the article!

  • This hack is a simple and frequent one:The CENTROID of a triangle divides the MEDIAN in the ratio 2:1.Here,AD is a median with O as its centroid meaning AO=2OD as stated in the hack and the answer is there for you to mark!

  • This hack involves the understanding of the question.What most people do in these type of questions is find out all the angles and then compare the final values but this is a lengthy approach.You got to find X here so there’s no need to calculate the exact value of other angles and as we know internal bisectors divide the angle in half we can use these assumed values and compare them for the two triangles thereby equating the answer.Too easy and short indeed!

  • This is a very easy hack.Here in the solution this a lengthy procedure.But keep in mind that sum of two internal angles is equal to the opposite exterior angle of a triangle this question if done by this approach straight comes to the step A+B = ext C and A=2B and hence the answer in just three steps!

  • I picked this question because it is a trick in itself. The solution here is not a definite hack but the ONLY hack in geometry that solves questions if no other hacks work.Comparing angles on the basis of given conditions let’s you solve many questions in case you forget the required hack for it and hence the importance of this basic hack.

  • The question is easy.But most of us would not attempt this because it seems confusing.The hacks that work here are that the tree is always perpendicular to the ground so Pythagoras Theorem works here and also while drawing the figure keep in mind that BC=CD( meaning the broken part) and the answer is there to tick after this.

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