Strategy for SSC CGL 2017:
1. Remaining days for CGL 2017: 60 days.
2. Don’t join any special batch or crash course. Now you have to give atleast 10 hours daily to ur self study.
3. Give atleast 2 hours daily to GS portion.. If you want to take advantage in pre. GS plays a very important role in deciding your rank and post.
4. Polity and History (mainly medieval and modern history ) are the most sought area to score good marks in GS. Also prepare last 3-4 months current affairs before exam to get an extra edge in GS portion.
5. Prepare sports trophies and dance forms of different states. You will surely get 2 questions from these sections.
6. Prepar idioms and one word substitutions only from MB publication. these are more than sufficient.
7. To improve vocabularly. Refer word with meanimg part of SP Bakshi (Arihant Publication).
8. For error and sentence improvement.. Do Practice sets given at the end of “Mirror of Common Error” by A.K. Singh.
9. For Maths, Class notes and Rakesh Yadav 7300+ are more than sufficient. No need to do any seperate book for Arithmetic or Advance Maths.
10. For Maths, Practice should be time bound. Give a test of 50 questions in 50 minutes seperately to increase ur speed in maths. You can devide mains test of 100 questions in 2 parts. Refer kd campus or paramount offline mains test series books.
11. In Reasoning, only practice sets are sufficient.
12. Very important point: Start doing practice sets regularly from today onwards. You have to give 70-80 practice sets before exam. Don’t think about completion of syllabus. Syllabus will never complete because there is no end to GS and English section. The more you read.. The more you learn.


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All the best for SSC CGL 2017 !!!

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