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Hope the preparations are well in order because we have started ours and time is running too. We took on a mission and we are continuously working on ebooks and mock tests so that we can give you the best possible resources at the perfect time. What I like about Mathematics the most is that you’ve got ‘definite’ answers to the questions asked (it’s tricky though!).On the other hand, the English Language is a WORK IN PROGRESS so nothing is ‘definite’ and when things are not defined we can have fun with them I guess. And this is what we’ve done in our new eBook for VOCABULARY.

VOCABULARY is a topic which always appears in the English Section of SSC CGL. So we prepared an ebook on vocabulary as we got feedback after our first release about various topics that needed to be compiled next. It was the most frequent one in the suggestions too!

Hence we present to you the most fun-filled way to learn English words easily and understandably. This is an ebook which would especially help the people with HINDI backgrounds because the words have been related so well to day to day activities that you’ll learn English words while doing them.

Sounds cool?

It is.In fact the puns, the comparisons and the situations used in this book are not only funny but informational too. It will help you learn words, know their meaning, frame sentences and much more in an entertaining way and do not doubt our research as all the words have been picked up after detailed research and development.

English is a hoax for Hindi medium students and we assure you that your perception will be changed after going through this Ebook. Don’t be afraid. English is a funny language after all.

These are the screenshots of the ebook for your reference :



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English Now. Vocabulary Now. SSC 2018. Download Now.

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Believe in Yourself.

All the Best!

-SSSCHacks Team

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