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SSC has already released the Official SSC CGL 2018 Recruitment Notification. This is the first time that Staff Selection Commission has introduced normalization. This point had already been raised by the candidates several times before, but the Staff Selection Commission didn’t take any action. This is a GREAT NEWS for many aspirants as the level of the question paper varied often in different shifts. This led to discrepancies in marks as some aspirants with hard luck got the difficult question set whereas some other aspirants got an easier question set than them.

Now, many of you know might not know what normalization is?

In simple words, normalization refers to the adjustment of marks of different shits according to the level of the question set in those shifts respectively. It is done to evaluate the performance of all the candidates on the basis of similar exam parameters. This helps to judge all the candidates on the same scale and also adjust the difficulty level across different shifts of the exam.

Normalization in SSC CGL 2018 Exam

The Staff Selection Commission has not released any specific formula for normalization yet. Hence, we will update you as soon as it releases one. Do not think about it much as of now as the method will be implemented while preparing the Final Merit List only.

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