Hi SSCians,

It’s time to begin your preparation for the Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level 2018 exam to be held in the next 60 days. SSC is generally the first choice of many candidates because the best government jobs are available at a pretty decent knowledge base under this. Since, the knowledge base is simpler than most competitive exams that provide similar jobs, one needs to follow certain rules and principles which then need to be applied for the perfect result. 

We have taken on a mission to conquer SSC CGL 2018 and we need you to do the same. It’s time to take the first step indeed!

Team SSCHacks, with every minute detail in mind, has carefully designed a simplistic yet efficient approach that would enable you to work in a planned and effective manner towards the big day. Innovative and efficient, the approach has been compiled in bullets for an easier understanding. Take a look:

  • Even if you already know everything, you must start the preparation from point zero which include the basic concepts in Mathematics as well as English. The ability to solve problems easily step by step. Never start preparation randomly from a higher level concept layer. This is the crux of the whole problem, as high speed problem solving in competitive tests heavily relies on total control on the basic concepts, be it maths, reasoning or English.
  • At this first step, form a detailed and efficient study schedule and time allotment for every concept or exercise. Since no one except SSC knows about the exact date let us presume 1st July as the earliest exam date so that we are ready at the earliest.
  • Concentrate on the best questions, not thier solutions. Most questions are complex in sight, but easier to solve. Pick out the easiest questions first, then move on to the more complex ones followed by the actual difficult ones.

Since, we mentioned about the various types of problems above, it is very important for very candidate to classify the problems into these important levels while.taking the exam:

  • Basic conceptual level
  • Intermediate difficulty level
  • Final difficulty level.

While solving, these should be solved in strict ascending order to obtain maximum efficiency.

  • Build your mental math skill from dawn to dusk because you’ve got no calculator and no friends in the exam.
  • Practice so hard that you create solutions for every problem yourself without referring to any guides online. Not only does that make you proud, it also boosts your confidence and problem solving abiliity.
  • Always keep looking for quicker methods to solve problems. It saves time and gives you an undue advantage over other candidates.
  • The stage rehearsal test phase is the most important. Generally, known as Mock test stage it inculcates the knowledge of the best teachers and guides available. This we say, because you get a chance to know your actual standards when you face these mocks. Analyse these tests and you’ll know exactly what you need to do before taking the exam.

We believe that knowledge and skill are the basic requirements to crack any competitive exam successfully. What differs in SSC is the approach and that is why we emphasize most on its understanding. By combining past experiences and modern trends, Team SSCHacks has brought you the best and most efficient approach for SSC 2018. We know that you can achieve Mission SSC through the right plan and approach because we already trust you with your knowledge, skills and confidence.

All the Best!

– Team SSCHacks 

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