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We hope that SSC CGL 2018 preparations are going at a steady pace everywhere across the country. Since this is the start of an exhilarating journey to SSC, this is the time when efforts should be maximum and distractions the lowest.Remember how you take the exam determines the next 10 years of your life. Hence, be wise!

As has been our motto since we started ,SSCHacks team is dedicated to provide SSC 2018 applicants the best required knowledge and hacks to crack this prestigious exam through various interactive articles/posts,quizzes,eBooks,mock tests and many other mediums. The latest addition to these hacks were the two eBooks launched by us for SSC CGL 2018.The links for them are available here:

Kickstart the SSC CGL 2018 preparation with these AMAZING SUPERHACKS !!




These eBooks have been designed specifically for SSC-CGL 2018 for the English and Quantitative sections and we can’t wait to see your reaction once you receive your copy of the eBook. It took around 2 months just for the content to be selected and the editing has been done thereafter. We have compiled the complete learning of our lives while preparing for SSC into these eBooks and hence it would sure be a good pick for you, seeing the time left for the EXAM.

We would definitely suggest you go for the eBooks as all the concepts and hacks have been explained with detailed examples in an interactive manner blended up with a large variety of brain busters that are sure to take you on a roller coaster ride at the beginning of the eBook. Though the hacks that follow after that in the eBook will change your views within a day completely.

PS: Around 50 lakh people apply for SSC every year, and with such a huge number and only around 5000-7000vacancies for the general category, there is a bottleneck competition for the jobs. This requires not only a dedicated preparation but also the techniques on how to approach the exam smartly.

Be Smart. Be Selective. Believe in Yourself.

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