The English section of SSC comprises of questions that are quick to read and require a logical approach rather than a solution. Hence, these can be solved/completed easily within the stipulated time. On the other hand, the Mathematics section comprises of questions that you need to solve(work out steps) which take a longer time to complete and hence the section seems lengthy and tough. Although we have already mentioned it before, we would like to repeat again that TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

How you fare in SSC CGL 2018 depends upon the accuracy and speed with which you can solve questions in the final exam. These traits can be acquired only if you have the knowledge, determination to practice and an optimistic attitude. These methods may seem difficult to inherit but these are easy if you’re looking at them with SSC as a ‘definite’ target in your mind. We are already updating mock tests and ebooks for your revision and practice almost every day and today we present to you some SUPERHACKS that would reduce the length of the questions from SABU to CHACHA CHOUDHARY, we promise. Some of the BEST SUPERHACKS are:

  • Although you should memorize the first 25 squares but if you forget any apply this. As an example, find 14². First, add the last digit (4) to the number itself (14) to get 18 = 14 + 4. Next, square the last digit: 4² = 16. You’d like to append the result (16) to the sum (18) getting 1816 which is clearly too large, for, say, 14 < 20 so that 14² < 20² = 400. What you have to do is append 6 and carry 1 to the previous digit (8) making 14² = 196.
  • For values from 25-50 . Let A be such a number. Subtract 25 from A to get x. Subtract x from 25 to get, say, a. Then A² = a² + 100x. For example, if A = 27, then x = A- 25 = 2 and a = 25-x=23. Hence, 27² = 23² (529)+ 200 = 729
  • For squares of numbers from 51 through 99.If A is between 50 and 100, then A = 50 + x. Compute a = 50 – x. Then A² = a² + 200x. For example, 67² = 33² + 200×17 = 1089 + 3400 = 4489
  • For PRODUCT of two numbers that are not too far apart and their difference is even, find their average and half the difference and subtract their squares to get the required product.For example,take 29.23=(29+23/2)²-(29-23/2)²=26² – 3²
    = 676 – 9 = 667.
  • If the difference is odd, add or subtract 1 from one of the numbers, compute the product as before and then subtract or add the other number. For example,

     step 1:  Add 1 to 33=34 =(38+34/2)²-(38-34/2)²
     Subtract 38(the other number) =  (36² – 2²) –38
    = 1296-4-38=1254..

These SUPERHACKS would be used frequently in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 examinations and hence these should be on your fingertips as you’ll have to use them to save steps, thereby saving time for other questions that you need to spend time on and thereby completing the section without finding it lengthy or difficult.

Keep Studying. Believe in Yourself. Mission SSC.

All the Best!

-Team SSCHacks

Kickstart the SSC CGL 2018 preparation with these AMAZING SUPERHACKS !!