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We present you yet another resource on a HIGH scoring and EASY topic which occurs in SSC frequently and abundantly. It is SPOTTING THE ERROR. Almost five questions are asked from Spotting the Error in every SSC CGL examination which makes it a very IMPORTANT topic to master. It is an easy topic and requires practice. More practice of spotting error questions and knowledge of grammar will help you to solve these questions with ease.

On a grammatical scale it requires an awareness of the basic rules of grammar – parts of speech, genders, infinitives, participles, subject-verb accord, form of tenses, use of articles and certain exceptional uses. Below are questions that would help you understand this topic in 5-10 minutes for SSC CGL 2018. It’s time to PRACTICE now!

Directions: In these questions some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and blacken the oval corresponding to the appropriate letter a, b, c. If the sentence is free from error blacken the oval corresponding to d in the answer sheet.

Q1. (a) Some serious complaints of theft/ (b) have been made against the new manager /(c) and they needs to be looked into seriously by the management./ (d) No error

Q2.(a) Artificially sweetened drinks/ (b) poses a serious health /(c) threat to children./ (d) No error

Q3.(a) Everyone of the films/ (b) you suggested/ (c) are not worth seeing./ (d) No error

Q4. (a) The teacher as well as his students are injured in /(b) the accident which occurred last night /(c)near the bus stand./(d) No error

Q5.(a) The request of the students’ union / (b) that their fees should be decreased / (c) were supported by majority.(d) No error .

Q6.(a) The Secretary and Principal of the college/ (b) are attending/ (c) the District Development Council Meeting at the Collectorate . / (d) No error

Q7.(a) The actress said in an interview / (b) that she find it difficult to meet everyone’s expectations/ (c) so she has decided to choose roles completely by herself./ (d) No error

Q8. (a) The youth today are spending a lot of money /(b) on food ,movies ,mobiles /(c) and other luxury goods./ (d) No error

Q9. (a) There is/ (b) only one of his novels/ (c) that are interesting./ (d) No error

Q10.(a) The team captain, as well as/ (b) his players, is disappointed /(c) with the result./(d) No error.

Q11.(a) Knowledge of/ (b) at least two languages/ (c) are required to pass the examination./ (d) No error

Q12.(a) It is I/ (b) who is to blame/ (c) for this bad situation./ (d) No error

Q13.(a) Neither she nor I/(b) am going /(c) to the festival. /(d) No error

Q14.(a) The government needs to provide facilities /(b) where scientists enjoys space and freedom /(c) to carry on their research./ (d) No error

Q15.(a) People all over the world/ (b) needs to think what they can do/ (c) to eradicate poverty and help the poor. / (d) No error

Q16.(a) Patience as well as perseverance/ (b) are necessary/ (c) for success./ (d) No error

Q17.(a) You and I /(b) am going to take part  in the party / (c)with my friends tomorrow/ (d). No error

Q18.(a) Mr. Singh says that there is /(b) many important details to finalise /(c) before the book gets printed/(d) No error

Q19.(a) His politics is not good so we have advised /(b)that he should read Gandhi, Lenin (c) and Karl Marx /(d)No error

Q20. The director at Pinnacle would appreciate (a)/ if readers would write to him about (b)/how did they feel while watching the online videos(c)/No error(d)

Q21. The damage to plants caused (a)/ by deers can be prevented (b)/if a fence is made around the garden. (c)/No error(d)

Q22. The new Xerox machine does (a)/ more than simply copying documents (b)/ it can resize,lighten, and collate. (c)/No error(d)

Q23. My group of fourth (a)/ graders are (b)/ so well behaved. (c)/No error(d)

Q24. The house where the dead man was (a)/ found  is being guarded by police  (b)/ to prevent it from being entered  and the evidence interfered with /No error(d)

Q25. Actors in the Ramlila(a)/  have the difficult task of being singers(b)/who must also perform as dancers. (c)/No error(d)

Q26. I journeyed to the graveyard (a)/ where once stood(b)/ my grandfather father tomb. (c)/No error(d)

Q27. I am eager(a)/  to go for walk (b)/ because I enjoy exercise. (c)/No error(d)

Q28. She grew (a)/ a foot because(b)/  she has taken steroids. (c)/No error(d)

Q29. After a carefully investigation(a)/  the police discovered(b)/that the robbers had entered the house from the back door.  (c)/No error(d)

Q30. Some of the(a)/ workers are on a(b)/ hunger strike since the management changed suddenly. (c)/No error(d)

Q31. I didn’t want my daughter(a)/ to loose her confidence(b)/just before the exam. (c)/No error(d)

Q32. Sanjay who is living (a)/  on his own since 1985 (b)/  is a well known scholar of history . (c)/No error(d)

Q33. The bird had flown(a)/  for miles before(b)/ it landed. (c)/No error(d)

Q34. The factory will have(a)/  produced many boxes(b)/  long before it closes. (c)/No error(d)

Q35. In recent years, (a)/  Fred has tried to lose(b)/  its excess weight through numerous diets. (c)/No error(d)

Q36. The four of us(a)/  looked at one another(b)/ and laughed. (c)/No error(d)

Q37 . His fate depends(a)/  on whether the governor calls (b)/ back in time and he is allowed to continue the job. (c)/No error(d)

Q38. He is a different (a)/ man than the man(b)/  that he was in 1985. (c)/No error(d)

Q39. The subways(a)/  in summer are (b)/ not only hot, but humid. (c)/No error(d)

Q40. If he was given a  chance(a)/  to live in  some other country, (b)/ which  one would you have chosen? (c)/No error(d)

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