Hi friends,

Hope the preparations are spanning out nicely. To ensure that Mission SSC is achieved, we maximize our efforts to update the best resources related to SSC covering concepts, hacks and the other important aspects on our website on a daily basis. Under the same approach, we had launched the MATHEMATICS HACKBOOK – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SSC CGL 2018 !!

We received exquisite feedbacks regarding these eBooks and we thank you for believing in us. MATHEMATICS HACKBOOK – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SSC CGL 2018 is our personal favorite and it seems it is now yours too. The feedbacks regarding this eBook were overwhelming and multiple users requested for an eBook with a similar approach in English too and we are glad to inform you that even the English Hackbook SSC-CGL 2018 is available for download now!!

All the ebooks by SSCHacks have been carefully designed by studying the patterns, trends, and the approach before going on to the resources this time. Our main aim was to make SSC CGL 2018 an easy and fun journey for you because you already are a hard worker. We hope and have tried to achieve this through these eBooks.

The MATHEMATICS HACKBOOK SSC-CGL covers every topic under SSC CGL 2018 in detail with all the mathematical concepts, hacks and theorems explained and applied simultaneously in the form of examples and questions. The contents have been allocated thoughtfully with the number of questions as well as the time required to solve every topic. Our approach with this book has been simple and yours would be simple too, regarding the exam if you complete the eBook once.

At a nominal price of Rs. 130, we present to you the MATHEMATICS HACKBOOK SSC-CGL that has 380 pages and covers the complete course material in 15 topics. This means you get 3 pages with the appropriate material for just a rupee. 

Out of every resource that has been shared with you till now, these are the resources which we value the most because of the work and time involved. We want you to know this because we want you to work harder than us towards Mission SSC. We say this because of :

  • Higher Tier 1 cutoffs
  • Time constraints
  • Tougher competition
  • Best results

Not in the list though, the main point is the accomplishment of Mission SSC and we want you to achieve it at any cost. We believe that you can achieve it and we need you to believe this too. 

Keep Studying. Believe in Yourself. Mission SSC.

All the Best !

-Team SSCHacks

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